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CPSA Shanghai 2011

Changing Paradigm in Drug Discovery and Development:
East Meets West

April 13 - 16, 2011
Renaissance Pudong Shanghai Hotel
Shanghai, China


Young Scientist Awards
Young Scientist Excellence Awards

The goal of CPSA Shanghai is to provide in-depth review of innovative technology and industry practices through open discussion of industry-related issues and needs. This annual event is specifically geared to the needs of professionals attempting to keep pace with faster development times and marketing managers attempting to benchmark emerging trends.




Thermo hosts opening night Sponsor's Dinner
Sponsor's Dinner hosted by ThermoFisher Scientific

The CPSA Shanghai symposia and roundtables are highly interactive events where scientists share their experiences and visions in a collegial setting. The program will highlight speakers and sessions that provide real-world experiences with new technologies and critical insights into current issues and future needs. Education and specialized training are the foundation of all CPSA events.

Each session at CPSA Shanghai will address the current industrial landscape and the global need to bring products to market faster. The program chairs will promote discussion and exchange of experiences, ideas, and visions so that current processes that involve analytical measurement can be benchmarked and future strategies may be developed.


Members of the CPSA Shanghai 2011 Organizing Committee
CPSA Shanghai program chairs and sponsors

The CPSA Shanghai symposia and roundtables feature a unique format to allow scientists to openly share comprehensive perspectives on industry-related issues and needs. First-hand experiences with specific applications and technologies are openly discussed. Lively discussions in a collegial setting are a hallmark of the meeting.

Symposia Feature

Industry Issues and Needs • Analysis Strategies • Performance Benchmarks

Rountables Feature

Commercial Technology • Mainstream Applications • Analysis Trends

Broad-based awareness of the analytical sciences is achieved through open discussion with industry leaders. This unique event is made possible by sponsors who are dedicated to promoting awareness and understanding of the analytical sciences with the hope of inspiring significant advances in the field.


CPSA Shanghai 2011 was held at the Renaissance Pudong Shanghai Hotel in Shanghai, China. Located on the fringe of the dynamic new business district of Pudong, the Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel provides a wonderful setting for CPSA Shanghai.

Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel
100 Chang Liu Road, Pudong New Area
Shangahi, 200134 China
Tel: 86 21 38714888
Fax: 86 21 68545928

2011 Program Chair

Jing-Tao Wu, Ph.D. Takeda/Millennium Pharmaceuticals

2011 Organizing Committee

Jianguo "James" An8Wilmington PharmaTech - Newark, DE USA
Anne-Françoise Aubry3,5Bristol-Myers Squibb - Princeton, NJ USA
Honggang Bi2Covance - Shanghai, China
Jack Chen2,5DSM Nutritional Products - Shanghai, China
Ziqiang "Zack" Cheng2,4,8GlaxoSmithKline - Shanghai, China
Ben Chien3QPS Holdings, LLC - Newark, NJ USA
Kelly Dong2,7GlaxoSmithKline - Shanghai, China
Scott Fountain3Pfizer - San Diego, CA USA
Lawrence Gan3,4,8Biogen Idec - Cambridge, MA USA
Todd Gillespie3,5Eli Lilly and Company - Indianapolis, IN USA
Xiaoyi Gong3,5,7,8Merck - Rahway, NJ USA
Zhuohan Hu2,3,4Research Inst. for Liver Diseases Co., Ltd. - Shanghai, China
Yong-Guo "Fred" Li6Roche R&D Center (China) Ltd. - Shanghai, China
Wenfang Miao8Pharmaron - Beijing, China
Mark Milton3Novartis, Cambridge, MA USA
Haojing Rong3,4Pfizer - Cambridge, MA USA
Nalini Sadagopan3Agilent Technologies - Santa Clara, CA USA
Tim Schlabach3Agilent Technologies - Santa Clara, CA USA
Roman Szucs5,6Pfizer - Sandwich, UK
Daniel Tang1,2Frontage Laboratories - Shanghai, China
Jian Wang6Bristol-Myers Squibb - Princeton, NJ USA
Naidong Weng3Johnson & Johnson - Raritan, NJ USA
Angela Wong2,4Merck Serono - Beijing, China
Danlin Wu3,8Roche - Nutley, NJ USA
Cindy Xia3,4Takeda Millennium Pharmaceuticals - Cambridge, MA USA
Lucy Xu6Novartis - Shanghai, China
Gang Xue5,6Pfizer - Cambridge, MA USA
Eric Yang3GlaxoSmithKline - King of Prussia, PA USA
Su Zeng8Zhejiang University - Hanghzhou, China
Jeff Zhang2,4Novartis - Shanghai, China
Xiangmin Zhang1,5,8Fudan University - Shanghai, China
Yining Zhao3Pfizer, Cambridge, MA USA
Jenny Zheng2,4,8Pfizer - Shanghai, China
Dafang Zhong1,2,4Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica - Shanghai, China
Mingshe Zhu6,8Bristol-Myers Squibb - Princeton, NJ USA

1 China Steering & Operations Sub-Committee
2 China Organizing Sub-Committee
3 U.S. Organizing Sub-Committee
4 ADME Organizing Sub-Committee
5 Pharmaceutical Organizing Sub-Committee
6 Education Organizing Sub-Committee
7 Exhibition Organizing Sub-Committee
8 Young Scientist Award Organizing Committee

Conference Schedule Overview

Wednesday, April 13Short Courses • Welcome Reception
Thursday, April 14Plenary Lecture • Symposia • Workshops
Friday, April 15Plenary Lecture • Symposia • Posters • Exhibition
Saturday, April 16Symposia • Closing Remarks

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