CPSA Shanghai 2014

The New Era of Personalized Medicine:
Innovative Approaches for Drug Discovery and Development

2014 Plenary Speaker

2014 Plenary Speaker
Stephen Clarke

Stephen Clarke, Ph.D.

Stephen studied Biochemistry as an undergraduate at the University of Surrey and received his PhD in drug metabolism in 1988 from the same institution. Since a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Reading he has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for GlaxoSmithKline or its legacy companies. He has been involved in all aspects of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic support for drug discovery and development from lead optimisation to obtaining marketing approval. Much of this time has been dedicated to understanding the importance of ADME properties on the developability of new chemical entities. First how to target a compound with suitable properties (eg good oral bioavailability, half-life consistent with once a day dosing and a low propensity to cause drug-drug interactions) and developing the required in vitro and in vivo techniques. Second how to manage the safe development of a compound that falls short of the ideal. The result is that in a 25 year career Stephen has worked on the discovery and development of many successful pharmaceuticals and many more unsuccessful ones.

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