CPSA Shanghai 2014

The New Era of Personalized Medicine:
Innovative Approaches for Drug Discovery and Development

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Poster Session

# Class Author Title
101 YSE Na Yu OATP1A2 and P-gp expression level dependent transport of zolmitriptan and fexofenadine across MDCKII monolayers
103 GEN Shuang Yang Quantitative determination of curdione, furanodiene and germacrone in rabbit plasma using liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry
104 GEN Dan Li Pharmacokinetic study of TBI-166, a novel antituberculotic drug, in rats
106 GEN Hui Wang Quantification of Bradykinin in Human Plasma Using the IonKey/MS System 
107 INN Joseph F. Bower Outsourcing and Standardization of Global Studies
108 GEN Gary Valaskovic Performance Evaluation of a Flexible, Easy-to-Use Packed-Tip Column Device for Nanospray Enabled LC-MS
109 GEN Gary Valaskovic Evaluating the Ruggedness of Nanospray on a Curtain Gas Triple-Quadrupole MS Equipped with Emitter Rinsing
110 INN hui Wang Simultaneous Quantification of Human Insulin and Five Analogs in Human Plasma Using 2D UPLC MS System
111 YSE Jiangbo Du Comparative Evaluation of LLDT-8 Biotransformation in vivo in Rats and in vitro in Human Liver Microsomes: Prominent Roles of CYP3A
112 INN Hui Wang Metabolite Analysis Using A Novel Relationship And Database Driven Software Platform Approch For Screening Metabolism
113 INN Hui Wang Quantification of 5 Steroid Hormones in Human Serum Using the ionKey MS system
114 YSE Lishan Lin The Role of Efflux Transporters in Allitinib Disposition and Drug Interaction
116 YSE Jinghua Yu Metabolic Activation of TSN In Vitro and In Vivo
117 INN Linda Lin Prediction of Valsartan Pharmacokinetics in Different Pediatric Age Groups using Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Models
118 GEN James Murphy A New Level of Sensitivity and Standardization: The Promise of Integrated Micro Fluidic Devices Coupled with Mass Spectrometry
119 GEN Kan Chen Altered pharmacokinetics in puromycin aminonucleoside (PAN) induced nephrotic syndrome (NS) model
120 GEN Haiwei Xiong Evaluation of a High-Throughput Autosampler (Apricot Design Dual Arm –ADDA) for Discovery ADME Sample Analysis 
121 YSE Xinxin Wen Development and Validation of a UPLC-MS/MS Method for PHOTOCYANINE in Human Plasma to Support in vitro Plasma Protein Binding Assay 
122 YSE Shalu Jhara Mechanism based CYP1A2 inhibition studies of primaquine and 2-ter-butylprimaquine (NP-96)
123 GEN Yu-Wen Jin Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling to Simulate Transporter-Mediated Disposition of Jatrorrhizine in Rats
124 GEN Tingting Fu Pharmacokinetics and Brain penetration of GSK001 in Neonatal and Prenatal Animals: an Exercise of Pharmacokinetics Prediction in Sheep Fetus
125 YSE Yong Yang Two-cycle-one-column derivatization coupled with solid-phase extraction for the high sensitive determination of minodronic acid in human plasma by LC-MS/MS method
126 GEN Xinyan Lu Risk analysis of a one directional transport assay to identify P-gp liability using MDCKII-MDR1 cells
127 GEN Jinqiang Zhang Can Capecitabine and its active metabolite 5-FU achieve sufficient CNS exposure for the treatment of breast cancer brain metastasis?
128 GEN Yu Zhou Alternative Choice Besides Immunoassays
-- Development and Validation of a Highly Sensitive UPLC-MS/MS Method for Exendin-4 in Monkey Plasma
129 GEN Hans Zou Intellicap, An Intelligent Tool To Accelerate Drug Development
130 YSE Yanlin Zhu A new approach to identify major metabolites in liver microsomes for predicting primary metabolic pathways in vivo
131 YSE Zhixiang Yan Improved peptide quantification by hybrid reaction monitoring with ion trapping and switching using the triple quadrupole/linear ion trap mass spectrometry
132 YSE Nan Guo HPLC-MS/MS Analysis of CAaspofungin in Plasma in Support of Clinical Practice
133 INN Hongzhen Lia Pharmacokinetics of Exendin-4-Fc fusion protein, in Cynomolgus Monkey
135 GEN Sijie Lu Rosiglitazone ethnic diversity: Predicting PK using Simcyp
136 GEN Yuling Song Development and validation of a sensitive ultra high performance liquid chromatographic/tandem mass spectrometric method to detect amlodipine in human plasma
137 GEN Huayang Wang Biomarker of HCC in China
138 YSE Wei Tang Integrative Pharmacogenomic Analysis of Patient-Derived
Xenografts of Chinese Hepatocellular Carcinoma
139 YSE Wei Tang Generation and Characterization of a Sorafenib-Resistant  Hepatocellular
Carcinoma Model from Patient-Derived Tumor Xenografts
140 GEN Zuowei Yan Adaption of Retention Models to Allow Optimisation of Peptide and Protein Separations
141 GEN Luke Bi Development a sensitive LC/MS/MS method for analysis of a peptide drug
142 YSE Xiaoting Tian Study on the PK profiles of magnoflorine and its potential interaction in herb medicine :an example of study on TCM