CPSA Shanghai 2018

New Horizons in Drug Discovery and Development:
Bioanalysis, Biomarkers and ADME

Young Scientist Excellence Awards - CPSA年轻科学家优秀奖
Past Recipients

Celebrate the future of the pharmaceutical industry and academia with a unique forum dedicated to inspiring young scientists to follow a career path in the sciences.

Young Scientist Award Committee Members are dedicated to:

  • Share unique perspectives and personal experiences
  • Encourage scientific (and future career) growth
  • Provide leadership as well as serve as a model for communication and sustained relationships

Award Applicant Qualifications 申请人需具备以下资格

  • Applicant must be the first author on an abstract submitted for a poster presentation at the CPSA Shanghai 2018 meeting
  • Poster topic may be in the following scientific fields: ADME, bioanalysis, drug delivery, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical development, or PK-PD
  • Applicant must have ≤5 years of working experience. Please be mindful that graduate study is not counted as working experience in this context. Post-doc study is considered working experience.

Award Application Process 申请过程

  • Application and abstract to the Award must be submitted on-line.
  • Application and abstract will be reviewed by the Award Committee. If the application is accepted, applicant's registration fee will be waived (for students) or reduced by 50% (for post-doctors and research scientists). Poster will be further reviewed at the conference. Awards (1st, 2nd ,3rd place and honorable mention) will be given out at the CPSA Shanghai closing ceremony on Friday evening. Winners will be selected based on the quality and potential significance of the research presented in their posters.


Deadline for submission is March 31, 2018.

Award Committee 奖励委员会成员

Luke Bi, Covance
Joseph Bower, Covance
Xiao Ding, Genentech
Jonathan Josephs, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Fred Li, Hua Medicine
Min Liu, Merck
Qun Lu, Celgene
Marjoleen Nijsen, AbbVie
Suma Ramagiri, SCIEX
Jasminder Sahi, Sanofi
Gary Valaskovic, New Objective
Sihe Wang, Cleveland Clinic
Naidong Weng, Janssen
Mingdan Wu, WuXi AppTec
Yin Xiong, WuXi AppTec
Sophia Xu, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Jeff Zhang, Novartis
Tianyi Zhang, Frontage Laboratories
Sylvia Zhao, Novartis

Should you have any questions, please contact Dr. Jing-Tao Wu and/or Dr. Jenny Zheng.

General Information

Each poster board measures 4' wide x 8' high (80 cm wide x 120 cm high). Posting materials will be available in the exhibit hall. The poster area is open for viewing during the entire Symposium, so posters should remain on the boards for the entire period of the meeting. Authors must be in attendance at their posters during the poster sessions. Also, remember to take any business cards that are in your envelope - these people are requesting reprints of your abstract.

The poster sessions are scheduled for:

Thursday, April 16: 11:30 am-12:30 pm
Friday, April 17: 11:30 am-12:30 pm

If, after abstract submission, you will NOT be able to attend the conference, please contact the CPSA Shanghai office to specify whether a colleague will present your abstract, or whether it should be withdrawn.

We look forward to seeing you in Shanghai!

Young Scientist Excellence Award Winners for 2018

Chongzhuang Tang
Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica

Jing Ni & Yu Wang

Chi Guan